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Commuting to the Navy Yard

Published by Emily

The maps below can be used to find out how long a commute to Philadelphia's Navy Yard would take from different locations all around the city. You can look up the same information for individual locations using Google Maps.

You can zoom and pan on the maps. Chrome works much better than Internet Explorer for this site.

By Car

Leaving work at 5 pm

This map takes into account the traffic on a typical Monday at this time.

By Public Transportation

Arrive to work at 8 am

This map takes into account the fastest possible mode of transportation at this time on a typical Monday. In many cases, the fastest mode of transportation will be a combination of methods.

If you aren't familiar with the Navy Yard or Philadelphia, there are some things you should know. The SEPTA buses that run all the way into the Navy Yard do not operate very frequently (like, maybe twice a day and only on weekdays). While Philadelphia's subway system does have a line that runs south, the closest stop is AT&T station, which is a 15-35 minute walk depending on where you work inside the Navy Yard.

Because of this, the Navy Yard operates two free shuttle lines: the Navy Yard Loop and the Express to Center City. The Navy Yard Loop goes all around the Navy Yard and stops at AT&T Station, the closest subway stop. The Express to Center City bus runs around the east side of the Navy Yard and then goes to Center City Philadelphia, stopping at Jefferson Station (near 11th & Market) and 4th & Market. There is an app that maps the busses in real time and Google Maps also takes these routes into account when you use their Public Transportation feature.

For those that live in the northern 3/4ths of the city, the fastest way most of the time will likely be to take various modes of transportation to the express bus stop and then take the express bus to the Navy Yard. This is exactly why I made the map in the first place: you will have a faster commute if you live next to the express bus stop in Center City than in some places in South Philly, even though those places are physically much closer.

However, depending on the exact time of day there could be many, many other options and sometimes other combinations of transportation will be faster. I highly recommend looking at Google Maps at the time you intend to leave to make sure you're taking the fastest mode of transportation.

Modes of transportation that are taken into account and may be combined on this map include:

This map does not yet incorporate the Indego bike stations that are located at AT&T station and Broad & Kitty Hawk, but I will try to update it as soon as Google Maps allows its application to take that into account in combination with other transit.