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Indego Usage is Booming Amidst the Global Pandemic

Published Aug 14th, 2020 by Emily
Updated September 24th, 2020 by Emily

Indego ridership is continuing to climb in spite of the global pandemic. The graph below shows ridership levels since the program started in April of 2015, and the first two quarters of 2020 are highlighted in black.

Indego started 2020 off with an extremely high ridership level- there was 25% more rides in January than in that month during previous years. February's ridership level dropped a little bit, but was still higher than that month in most previous years.

January and February, before the global pandemic came to Philadelphia, were banner months for Indego. In January, more people rode Indego bikes than had in any previous January.

March's city-mandated stay-at-home order was reflected in a stalled ridership level. Ridership fell even further in April as many Indego users' workplaces stayed closed.

However, by May ridership started to climb again and June had the highest ridership level of any June since the program started.

While many city residents are still not required to commute to their workplaces, many shops and restaurants that were closed at the end of March have opened back up. Those who would ordinarily use SEPTA have to weigh the risks of being in an enclosed space with others. As a result, bike commuting has become incredibly popular all over the United States.

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