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Automatic Parking Location Display with ePaper Screen and Pi

Published Aug 28th, 2020 by Emily
Updated September 16th, 2020 by Emily

Have you ever walked out your front door to the location where you thought you left your car and found that it is MISSING? Has my car been stolen? Has it been towed? Have I.... forgotten where I parked it?

Parking on the notoriously hazardous streets of Philadelphia, this happens to me a couple of times a month. Cars being towed without notice is a big problem here so having a map with the definitive location of where I left my car would be very helpful.

I have below display featured in my entryway. The left-side display is a modified version of my Simple Weather Display and the right side is the parking display.

Using a Tasker script and an ePaper display powered by a Raspberry Pi, I created a display that will show a map of where my car is that is automatically updated whenever I park.

(The location featured on the map is NOT the location of my house or car.)

The gif below has been shortened. The display actually takes quite a while to refresh, so the original video was full minute and forty-four seconds long.